A bank is a type of player storage whereby Murai and items can be stored safely. Depending on the type being stored, the bank may have a few restrictions.

Murai Edit

  • Murai can be stored and withdrawn infinitely at no cost.

Items Edit

  • You can store any item except undroppable items.
  • By default, you can store up to 10 types of items. Stackable items only count as 1 type, no matter how many of it are stored.
  • You can expand the maximum number of item types you can store by paying a cumulative cost in Murai to the banker. As the word cumulative suggests, this gets more expensive the more slots you buy.

Global Storage Edit

This is a special type of bank that any character on the same key can access. You cannot manually deposit items into it; instead, it serves as a bank for important items (such as Asagorians and items bought with them) that are automatically deposited if you delete a character that owns them. The global bank doesn't have any limit on the number of items that can be stored in it at once.