The Asago Corporation is run by its CEO Crahm Asago. While there isn't much information regarding Crahm Asago, he is known for always being around his bodyguard, Kanae Kusanagi. A trend in the company, which Crahm Asago and Matsuri both utilize, is always wearing black-tinted glasses while in public.

The corporation is an independent entity that produces a large number of products, but is most famous for its laplaceNET communications system. Many utilize this system to hire people to do things that they require but cannot do themself. The company is also famous for offering the idea of the Mura. It can also act as a bank for its customers.

Fun Facts Edit

- The Asago Boards, known as LaPlaceNet, have very special function for the certain privileged individuals who offered the tasks to the individual that accepted them. This function allows the privileged client to watch over the person that accepted their Task by a stationary terminal. However, this is only during when the party that accepted the request, is in the process of fulfilling the task. Such as hunting down the Boss.

- BLACK.BLOOD, outside of his quests which offer tremendous numbers of EXP, and Legend Ink, do have some interesting informations. It is clear that ASAGO Corporation is investigating this unknown User. Some may theorizes he have unauthorized acess to Laplacenet, but why is the reward grand?

- ASAGO Employment, is a pipe-dream. They only employs people from completely unknown source, and made painfully clear they do not hire common folks. It is unsure of where their employees originate from, and can be very foreign concept. Though a perk of joining the ASAGO corporation.. is a fancy suit.

- House Portal is surprisingly in-character. Though how a player is automatically moved to the house that do not exists in the plane of mortal. Ya'know. They got state of the art robots that can perform well without limitation of Engineers' batteries, and whatsnots!