Arbalest Arbalest

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Bow, Gun
Move 5

Str STR +2
Wil WIL --
Ski SKI +2
Cel CEL --
Def DEF +2
Res RES +1
Vit VIT --
Fai FAI --
Luc LUC +1

Some archers feel the best way to fight a foe is with speed and accuracy. The Arbalest knows that the best way to fight is to wear lots of heavy metal and shoot lots of heavy metal with other pieces of heavy metal attached to it. Using the heavily modified bow-like weapons that earned them their names, Arbalests can fire other weapons such as spears and axes like ammunition and retrieve them with ease - after dealing heavy damage.

Strengths Edit

  • Arbalests can deal plenty of ranged damage without worrying about being a soft target if the bad guys close in.
  • Can upgrade their already high damage by wielding heavy bows.
  • Arbalests can strip a Black Knight naked with Buster Cannon. Oo la lah.
  • Loves to punish people who get close with Heavy Tackle and Blowback Cannon.
  • The stun caused by Blowback Cannon can give them a HUGE advantage in 1v1 fights.

Drawbacks Edit

  • Reloading is slow, and speeding it up only adds to the rapid consumption of FP already involved.
  • Even after being stripped, a competent Black Knight can pull their own pants up.
  • Cannon attacks take lots of Momentum to prepare.
  • Spirit Mirrors (accessory) will be an early game nuisance.
  • Arbalests are sometimes linear in positioning, as in, they need the enemy to stand in their 'line' of fire, and often have to stay immobile to do effective damage.
  • Cobra users have a good chance to give you a bad time, as they can completely avoid your linear, frontal attacks, and use the chance to chase you down.
  • Martial Artists can savagely chase you even if your tackle or blow them away, sometimes Soldiers can do the same due to their movement steroid.
  • They're often, yeah, heavy and immobile due to high Battle Weight stacked, as it is needed for better use of cannon skills.

Unlocking Edit

  • To unlock the Arbalest, one must equip Heavy Armor and win a battle using a bow as a Level 20+ Archer.
  • Alternatively, you can equip a Bow in your Main Hand and a Sword, Spear or Axe in your Off Hand.
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