Zeran's city symbol

Alstalsia is a continent far to the northeast of Sigrogana, home to the Zerans and the Godly Stage. It is also where

pizza and pasta originate from. This country usually operates on an oligarchal government basis, composed of a High Council that incites rulings and dictate the law in the land.

Alstalsia perhaps has some of the strangest wildlife, with beasts ranging from worgans to cockatrices and even harpies.

Alstalsia is ruled by a High Council, the members of which each represent a powerful noble house, of which there are 9 total. All members of the High Council are Zerans, with the exception of one; a human named Alexander Samal. His wife, Karen Tyrmela, of House Tyrmela, is the rightful owner that seat, but has given it to her husband for unknown reasons. This has caused some amount of controversy in Zeran society, the more extreme members of which see it as blasphemy. Their human son was set to take over after Alexander retired, but left Alstalsia many years ago following an assassination attempt.