Gen active Aerial Razor

Type Offensive
Max Rank 5
Class Archer
Range  ?
Bow only

3 M
10/12/14/16/18 FP
Power icon Power 80/90/100/110/120% Scaled WPN ATK
Target icon Target Line (3-6)
Enemy only Enemy Only
DEF Reduction -2/4/6/8/10
Enchant Augmentable Can be empowered with Enchants.

Bow skill. Fire a razor sharp arrow with great force in a line, dealing Pierce physical damage to all in a line equal to your STR + your Bow's Power + a bonus (based on Rank), and reducing their DEF for 3 rounds. An enemy at the very end of the line takes 1.25x damage.

If Dynamic Shooting is at Rank 2 or higher, the length of the line can be adjusted.

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